Forex Reviews

  1. When choosing a broker, all things being equal, a strong argument for MaxiMarkets is its trading platform. This is a powerful software with a pleasant interface. A flexible system of settings allowing to create most comfortable conditions is worth a special mention. The platform is very convenient to work with and allows to save much time. Trading conditions and the range of trading tools are mostly the same as other brokers offer, but a special thanks for the platform.

  2. I came across the broker advertisement on the web and decided to open an account. I was attracted by the deposit bonus of $1 000 USD and wanted to check whether such statements are true. I got the bonus. Surely it cannot be cashed out immediately but trading conditions allowing to withdraw bonus money are quite realistic. As for trade itself, I have a good impression – narrow spreads, wide choice of currency pairs, rare requotes. Let’s see if I’ll manage to withdraw the funds.

  3. As Russians say, “there is everything in Greece”. I won’t speak for the whole Greece but Greek broker AAAFx is lacking much to be called a good Forex broker. Too much flaws during order execution. And these flaws are not related to technical errors or operators’ incompetence. I won’t accuse AAAFx of fraud and other criminal acts. Especially since it has finally returned my deposit. But I would like to note that this broker is more suitable for extreme enthusiasts, which I am not.

  4. Simplicity, Reliability, Efficiency. I would describe XForex this way. Efficiency and accuracy in order execution is above all praise, but the withdrawal procedure leaves much to be desired (the funds can be withdrawn for up to 2 weeks even not for the first time). On top of that, unreasonably high spread (3 pips) and high deposit ($100 USD) makes it clear the broker hardly cares about attracting new customers.

  5. It’s a super broker. This is all I can say about Pepperstone. I started to trade on the platform 8 months ago and realized it is a really professional broker. Minimum spread is relatively low, the range of trading tools is great. Trading conditions are quite common. I’d like to mention swaps – they are the lowest I’ve ever seen. I can speak of Pepperstone advantages for long, but seeing is believing.

  6. Admiral Markets is not bad in general. Good conditions and high safety level. But some details are confusing – the broker changes its name almost every year. Changes are insignificant and easy to remember but why. There have been no dirty tricks yet but you should be careful. I also want to draw attention to the poor choice of deposit/withdrawal channels. There is only one online payment system – Skrill.

  7. I have been trading with LiteForex for 4 years and like it. Spreads are normal, funds are withdrawn, and there is a large number of withdrawal methods. Customer support is also good. Pure delight. It has recently become possible to open cent accounts, so now I am trading on the main account and testing new robots on minor accounts on the same platform. By the way, LiteForex is one of the few brokers allowing scalping and automatic trading.

  8. Initially I was lured by a wide range of trading tools at GO Markets, from currency pairs to binary options. In spite of that, the quality of services is still high and all orders are accurately executed. I can recollect several cases of slippage over the whole time I’ve been trading with the broker but every case was carefully examined and my losses were compensated (surely this is not about the profit I haven’t received). That’s why I recommend GO Markets to all traders who want to earn profit in a calm and very comfortable environment.

  9. A dealing desk, “kitchen” as people say, FxNet or rather its activity is under heated discussion on many Forex forums. It’s very difficult to form a personal opinion based on these reviews.
    I’ve been trading on the platform for 2 years. It’s not perfect, there can be slippages and “mistakes” while calculating profit but all the problems are quickly solved. As for trading conditions, they are the same as many other brokers offer.

  10. Exness is a full-range broker. Such a wide choice of trading and financial tools for money withdrawal is a rare case. As for the quality of its services, is needs to be improved, especially in terms of order execution accuracy. It’s impossible to enter the market in the period of high volatility due to constant requotes. The company declares low spreads but in fact they appear not so low because of the mentioned requotes. In one word – be careful.

  11. I was aiming to open an account with this authoritative foreign broker for 3 years. Finally my dream has come true and now I’m a customer of one of the world’s major brokers – ATCBrokers. It’s a completely new level. This is the case of the quality of order execution, accuracy in fulfilling financial requests, customer service procedure. I’ve never traded in such a friendly environment over eight years of my trading experience (mostly with domestic brokers). Thanks to ATCBrokers and its highly professional employees.

  12. Something of a lite Forex broker, “a dummy” if you will. Minimum deposit is really minimum possible – 1 dollar. And the whole trade is simplified. But leaving aside some “toy-like” character, I’d like to mention clear and accurate order execution as well as friendly customer support. I’ve been with IKOFX for two years, it is very convenient to test new strategies. The range of currency pairs is quite small but as to the rest the broker is excellent.

  13. FX Choice doesn’t look like a proper broker. It looks more like its demo version or a “trailer”. Poor choice of trading tools, high spreads (which is especially interesting: GBP/USD spread is 1.5 pip different from the spread for Singapore dollar cross rates). Withdrawal methods are also few but everything is done accurately and quickly. In a word, it is as if you are dealing with the test version of the project, which hasn’t reached a designed capacity.

  14. FXGM has all features of a dealing desk. Cypriot, of good quality, but still kitchen. I’ve been testing the broker for half a year and must admit there are no significantly negative emotions. Requotes happen quite often but I have never found the broker in “stretching” the spread or cancelling profit positions. Withdrawal procedures were also quite smooth, verification and transfer of money to the bank account took 5 days. Communication with customer support leaves bad aftertaste. To sum up: 3- on a five-point scale.

  15. I think Instaforex is a reliable and well- managed broker. I have been involved in forex life since I was 25 years old and currently it was 3 years with their platform. Trading on MT4 platform is nice, no delay and orders are executed properly! I worked on Insta Standard and Insta Eurica account and so far it run well and I don’t face any scam or fraud issues with them. InstaWallet is really useful, I certainly used that feature to direct transfer fund from one account to another account. To be real, I actually faced losses so many time. I struggled and did so many improvement on the trading strategy. Currently, monthly trading performance was good which is between 70% – 89% profit trades. I also managed to earn $200 – $400 for weekly income. Thanks so much Instaforex !