Commercial Network Services (CNS)

General Information

    • VPS Name
    • Commercial Network Services (CNS)
    • Founded
    • 2000
    • Country
    • United Kingdom, United States
    • Price
    • $30
    • Payments Methods
    • Credit/debit cards, PayPal
    • Free trial
    • Preinstalled MT4
    • Available traffic
    • 1000 GB
    • CPU cores
    • 2
    • RAM Memory
    • 640 MB
    • Disc space
    • 20 GB
    • Operating system
    • Windows 2003

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General Information

CNS (Commercial Network Service) is a hosting company providing VPS services. It is registered in the USA, San Diego, and its main facilities are based there. A wide audience of customers, with foreign exchange and stock traders making a substantial part of it, allows the company to hold leading positions in the Forex VPS market.

Service Payment

Forex CNS VPS customers can pay for the company services by credit and debit cards as well as through PayPal payment system. All payments are made within one banking day.


CNS is offering a single tariff plan to its clients. VPS has the following characteristics:

  • Two processors 2.33 GHz;
  • Memory ā€“ 640 MB;
  • Disk ā€“ 20 HB;
  • Windows 2003 Operating System.

The price for the company services is $30 USD monthly.


Physical servers of the company are located in London, New-York and San Diego. This is powerful cutting edge equipment. Hardware complexes include two-level energy safety (continuous power supply) systems energized from separate substations through powerful fail-safe transformers.

Simultaneous outages or critical operation failures of supply systems are impossible. But even this (practically unreal) case is contemplated by the company. To prevent information losses, hardware complexes contain autonomous (in terms of power supply) data duplication and external backup systems. Thus, in case of any emergency all the required information will surely be saved and restored without losses.


Customer support is available on 24/7 basis. Its representatives are highly skilled professionals ready to answer any question and quickly render practical assistance is solving any problem. Customers can reach the support center via Email or Skype.

Customer service supports the following languages:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • ARabic.


  • technical strength (security and safety);
  • well-thought and optimized tariff plan;
  • hosting independence and its wide functionality;
  • 100% server uptime guarantee;
  • low latency to servers of the main forex brokers (1-10 ms).


High price for its services and modest range of financial instruments to make payment are counted as the company disadvantages.

CNS VPS Reviews

Diego: Great VPS. Iā€™d like it had more resources but everything is reliable (no failures over two years) and fair.


CNS Forex VPS is certainly a reliable and secure hosting. Perhaps it is the most reliable one of currently existing forex hosters.

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