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  1. The main reason I am with FreshForex is because of the fact that they are regulated, and have the fastest deposit and withdrawal methods. Another thing is their customer care service.

  2. I opened a live account with Instaforex last August 2017 and I am extremely happy with the results so far. A friend of mine suggested this broker because he was very comfortable trading with them. I was concerned about putting money however since I trust my friend and he is a long time client of Instaforex, I decided to try them. The funds I deposited on 16 Aug has since returned 20% after 2 months! I am extremely pleased with their customer support and the time it takes to get things solved quickly. Everytime I have a question they are more than eager to assist. Average spread seems to be around 0.7 pips for EUR/USD, which is really good. I trade daily time frame so I don’t experience much problems opening/closing trades (sometimes a few seconds on the change of day), nothing major. Besides that the spread is low, the execution also is truly very fast, and no requotes (not even on the big ones)! So overall it has been a positive and rewarding experience.

  3. I’m quite impressed by the conditions and speed of execution here. I heard earlier that fxpro is quite well-known company with serious regulation, but opened an account in this broker only a few months ago. I’m very glad that I preferred this broker when I made my choice. I satisfied with all the services. Highly recommend!

  4. If someone asks me what is the best trading platform in the world my answer would be Fresh Forex classic and market Pro platforms. Why? Because their platform is stable and user friendly, no re-quotes. i haver over 1 year trading forex, and i have 8 months using fresh forex, low spreads most of the time (high spreds on market special conditions), excellent customer service, and execution guaranteed on your trades,lower rollovers, decimal pips, and now their accounts starts with a minimum deposit of 1 usd, withdrawals are fast. Being honest and fair, this is one of the best forex brokers, try them!

  5. Spreading fake news can be fatal for a business! It is really inconsiderate to bash on a broker for now reason! CMTrading is one of the best out there and rightfully so.

  6. A friend recommended InstaForex to me, and now I trade with them for 5 months. Till now is the best broker I found on the market. They have good trading conditions, the spread and platform MT4 are very stable during volatility times. I have a Insta.Standar account in USD currency and I trade with them from major pairs EUR/USD GBP/EUR, USD/CHF, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Bitcoin and exotic pairs USD/DKK, USD/NOK. After I made my first deposit 500$ I applied for 50% welcome bonus which give me 50% bonus for each new deposit I made. To deposit and withdraw I use ePayments system and I never had problems. Their support team is really nice. I had some problems with some opened positions which they closed… actually the server shut down and I lost money 185$ they restore my positions and I had also my money in my account. So, the broker is honest and is not manipulating either the prices on the market. I will open soon a PAMM account to invest also. I recommend also the broker!

  7. I’ve been with Trade12 for 2 months already. Throughout those months I noticed nothing suspicious about them. I knew about the negative reviews but my friend convinced me that they have a good service since he had been with them since last year August. I really tried them out because starting with only $250 minimum deposit is something you don’t usually get from other brokers. With that amount they gave me decent service although they said getting their ecn account is better but I don’t have enough capital for that. I made several trades already and my $250 is now more than 600. Yes, I made a few deposits and withdrawal already but im still looking forward for more with this broker. I just hope their ecn account would be more affordable because their minimum requirement is too much for me to reach. BTW im still in college so maybe after a few years or so I would be able to afford that. I heard many good feedback about the quality of their ecn brokers and it seems very promising

  8. I’m day trader and fxpro provides quite comfortable opportunities for me. Execution is absolutely suited me. They do not interfere in my trades and I can work quite profitable. All withdrawals are fast. Not longer than 2 days on my PayPal account.

  9. I trade with InstaForex for more then one year with a Standard.Insta account. At first I used the demo account and after 10 days I opened a live account. I trade on the MetaTrader 5 platform and on Mobile Platform. Both work with fast execution of trades and real time prices. For deposit and withdraw I use Skrill and ePayments. It takes from 5 hours up to 2 working days to make a withdraw, but I never had hidden commissions as I encountered with other brokers. My first deposit was 300$, and I managed to make the first two months of trading 1200$ profit. After 1 year I can say that my profit is 1200-1500$ a month. I use also Autochartist and one EA for the pairs EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/EUR, USD/JPY. I also trade Gold and Silver, shares, and commodities. When I made the first deposit I applied also for 50% welcome bonus, and now I have 50% bonus for each new deposit I make. The support team is friendly and helpful.

  10. It turned out that the trading accounts in LiteForex have a different size of the leverage and only for the account cent the size of the leverage is 1: 1000, and I wanted to trade using such a leverage on the ecn account. I was disappointed because i would like to use 1:1000 leverage for trading on ECN account. It is not a problem because this broker is trusted but i would like to have big leverage

  11. While the retail forex industry continues to develop and improve, traders must remain vigilant in scrutinizing where they place their funds for investment.

  12. When I chose a broker, I looked on reliability of the company. FxPro is one of the most well-known companies in the forex world. I have 1 year experience of trading with them without any negative issues. This broker provide really high level of service: stable connection, fast execution, clear conditions, useful web\mobile tools, professional customer service and fast deposit/withdrawal. Also, they offer very tight spreads. Last time I have stable profits. So I have never regret about my choice. Also I want to add that all my funds are covered by the compensation scheme up to 20000 euro. Fxpro is very professional and trustworthy european broker.

  13. With Instaforex, it’s possible to expand the profits during news time because the spreads remain consistent and reasonable. News trading is completely safe. Two weeks ago, I added some funds in my account thru NETELLER. The money was worth $900 and it was credited after several hours. Also the reason why I funded my account again is that I want to hold position for 3 days or more. It’s my first time but am not afraid of doing it because I knew Instaforex is an honest broker.

  14. Absolutely 100% agree with you about cTrader. When i tried it first time it was a little bit unusual. Years of trading with MT platforms made out my own habits and patterns. But after several weeks i realized cTrader opens for me new ways and possibilities in trading business, So, guys, go and try cTrader at least one time.

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