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Economic Calendar

What is Forex Economic Calendar?

Forex economic calendar is a calendar of significant news and events announcements, important for economies of different countries and global economy in general. Those events include:

  • Economic indicators;
  • Political events (elections etc);
  • Reports made by multinational corporations;
  • Other events (e.g. year-end closing of one of the leading countries).

Economic data calendar is the most valuable instrument of fundamental analysis. There are many trading strategies based on economic news calendar. Vast of trading indicators are made on the basis of correlation between news releases and market changes.

How to Read Forex Economic Calendar?

Firstly you should understand basic economic trends and correlations between news releases and changes in exchange rates. Also you should understand what economic indicators influence major currency pairs and the level of that impact.

The most important economic indicators to watch:

  • United States Federal Reserve Board reports “Beige Book”. Published eight times a year;
  • Federal Reserve Bank meeting information;
  • Consumer Price Indices (CPI);
  • Current Employment Statistics (Unemployment Rate, Employment Cost Index, Jobless Claims Reports etc.);
  • Real GDP;
  • Consumer Confidence Survey;
  • Consumer Credit Reports;
  • Producer Price Index;
  • Durable Goods Reports;
  • New Residential Constructions;
  • Existing Home Sales Reports;
  • Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales;
  • Factory Orders Reports.

There are different economic calendars on different websites. Almost every calendar has flexible settings. Users can set time zone, time band, necessary trading instruments etc. Here you can find one of the most illustrative and simple examples.

  1. Time of publication. You can configure system according to your time zone.  Website time is set by default;
  2. Currency that is influenced by this news. This factor is conditional. E.g., news about US dollar or pound sterling have strong impact on currency pairs (that include both those currencies).
  3. Impact of this event on market situation. This is conditional factor. One news can have different impact on quotes.
  4. Event description;
  5. Actual result;
  6. Expected (forecasted) result;
  7. Last result.

There are different trading strategies, based on news. One of this strategies (the simplest one) provides placement of two multidirectional stop orders. Orders are placed 5 minutes before news release, 25-30 pips from current price. Strategy logic is based on fact, that it is difficult to predict market reaction during significant news release. But there is no doubt that during this period market is very volatile.

Economic calendars List

Many Forex brokers offer similar economic calendars. Main difference is in the way they present information. Also there could be different forecasts.

Pay attention to additional services, for example, fast  detailed news.  In fact, economic calendars’ rating represents subjective opinions of separate financial market participants. We strongly recommend you to pay attention to following economic data calendars:


Forex economic news calendar by has convenient and comprehensive detailed events. Click on news feed and you will get last event in details and retrospective view of few previous periods.  Also company has convenient investment calculator – additional bonus for clients and guests.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by


Very convenient forex economic calendar that allows to watch current and future news announcements, set sound notifications, filter news you need and many more.

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Forex Factory

Old-fashioned design of Forex Factory economic calendar makes it easy-to-read for everyone. Easy-to-understand description for every news release is one more benefit.


Hard to read for beginners but has a lot of useful information for every news release.


Professional instrument for expert traders that already now what events have greatest impact and use this resource for reading data. Experts’ team publish research articles for some of upcoming news releases.


Allows to print or download the data. It also has all common features of economic calendars from other websites.


Teletrade tries to attract customers with its large scale of instruments. Calendar of economic news is also very convenient. It has user-friendly interface with easy settings. It is also quite informative and has necessary comments to help you receive information properly.

The Best Forex Economic Calendar developed the most convenient and the best economic calendar. This instrument has wide range of advantages comparing to other products on the Forex market. Its main pros are:

  • highly relevant and detailed information;
  • user-oriented interface and adjustments;
  • native site design;
  • easy access;
  • used by other websites.