3 Ways to Make a Great “Yes or No” Quiz on Quizterra

Believe it or not, we have made 3 quiz builders where you can make the “Yes or No” quiz.

Generally, this is not a specific type of a quiz. “Yes or no” means that users that pass the quiz choose between the two variants. Quizterra is very a flexible platform where one idea can be turned into reality in several ways, so let me show you 3 examples of such quiz.

Let’s see how yes/no questions can look like.

Here is what you just saw:

  1. Example #1 is a personality quiz (the same can be done in a Trivia game and Multi-scenario quiz) where I have added the basic Text answers to my question.
  2. Example #2 is a trivia quiz (the same can be done in a Trivia game and Multi-scenario quiz) where I added images with the text Yes and No on it.
  3. Example #3 is a True/False quiz where I changed the words “True” and “False” to “Yes” and “No”

Making Yes-No Answers in a Personality/Trivia Quiz

Here you can find a full guide on how to create a great personality quiz, in this article I will just show basic steps on how to make textual answers.

Step 1 – Click “Create” button under Trivia Quiz type in your personal area.

Step 2 – Fill the name of your quiz, description and cover image/gif (optional) at the Introduction step.

how to create yes no quiz

Step 3 – Add a question text, image/gif that illustrates the questions (optional) and pick the “Text” type of answers. Choose the “Text” type of an answer and write “Yes” and “No” in the input fields.

Trivia yes no question

Add as many questions as you want, pick the design template and publish your quiz or take the embed code for your site. If you want more examples and a more detailed guide for a Trivia game – it’s HERE.

Making graphic Yes-No Answers in a Personality/Trivia Quiz

Do you remember Buzzfeed quizzes? Almost all their games are done with the images. They just take coloured rectangles, put text on it and here it is nice and easy to read content.

buzzfeed quizzes

If you ask me – I don’t really like making this kind of images, but if you do – let me show the fast way to create nice images with text.

Canva is a free online service where you can make simple images if you don’t have photoshop and other graphic editors on your computer.

Register, login to Canva, take a rectangle, set a coloured background, write the word YES and download. So easy.

When both images are ready, get back to the quiz builder and upload these images.

You can also find some ready-to-use images on the internet and download them or insert by the link.

how to add yes or no answers

Just be sure that these images are sized correctly and look well on the website. You can go to the Styles step in the builder and click “Preview” to see the draft of your quiz. Don’t worry, all changes get automatically saved when you go to the next step, so you can return and finish whenever you want.

Making Yes-No Answers in a True-False Quiz Builder

I often say that True-False is one of my favourite types of content on Quizterra, probably because of the great animated mobile design.

HERE you can find a detailed guide on how to create a cool True-False quiz, no need to repeat it here.

I will just draw your attention to the fact that you can change the button texts, so in your quiz you can have “Yes” and “No” variants instead of basic “True” and “False”. In our team we often change these texts to:

“Correct” and “Wrong”;

“Truth” and “Lies”;

“I’m in” and “I’m out” and so on.

yes no answers in true false quiz

You can set different buttons for every question in your quiz – full freedom as it is. I hope you try all the great functions of our quiz builders and create awesome masterpieces that will skyrocket your site metrics.

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