How to Create a Poll (Vote/Survey) for Your Website?

Today I want to show you how to create your own voting poll and put it on your site in just 2 minutes. If you have already created anything on Quizterra, it will not cause any difficulties to create a poll. This is how it looks like:

Now let’s create this poll step-by-step.

  1. Log in to your personal area and click “Create” under the Poll subtitle.

poll maker

Here we have just 3 steps to pass before the poll appears on your website.

poll maker
So, let’s fill in a question first.

  1. Write a question text and add image or GIF if you want to. In the example I did not add image to the questions, leaving it as text only.
  2. Add variants. You can choose between text and image answers.
  3. When finished, go to the next step. Here we prepared few cool animated templates to choose from. You can preview your poll in every template and pick the one that fits your website.
  4. On the publication step you can find the embed code to put a poll into any article of your site.
  5. If you have a premium account, you can remove links to Quizterra and protect your poll from copying by adding domains where it will be displayed. If anyone copies the source code of your article to doorways or any other sites, content made on Quizterra will not be displayed there.

create a poll

As you see, this is so easy to make your own poll.

We strive to make the best poll maker for niche and blog website owners, so I would appreciate any feedback, questions, and suggestions regarding our builder in the comment section below!

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