In this area we learn general stuff about trading on the financial markets: basic terms, analytical and charting services and a lot more. Don't ignore the quizes - after you watch the video, spend few minutes to check how did you acquire information.


How to Use the Triple Screen Strategy by Alexandr Elder

Triple screen strategy is based on a great idea of using several time frames to analyze the market and identify the entry points. Watch the video with the explanation of 3-Screen Method and rate...

Carry Trade Term Explained

From this video you will learn what is carry trade, see on example how it works on practice and understand how to make this kind of transactions on the real financial market.

Fractal Analysis on the Forex Market Explained

Fractal analysis is a great tool to understand the cycle structure of the financial markets. Watch the video and learn how to apply and use fractal analysis in your trading strategy!

Is No-Loss Forex Trading Strategy Real?

Watch the video and see an example of a strategy that the author declares as "no-loss". Rate this strategy and try to test it on your own! Share the results with us.

Simple Forex Pipsing Strategy Explained

  What is "pipsing"? A small profit margin usually corresponds to a short time in the trades, which in turn leads to a high rate of opening orders. In another way, this method of trading is...

Dow Jones Theory Explained in Simple Words

The Dow Theory is one of the main theoretical postulates of technical analysis, used to predict the price movements on forex, stock and other financial markets. Watch the video and learn the Dow Theory!

Swing Trading Explained

The concept of swing trading appeared a long time ago. This technique was firstly used as early as in the 1950s and was described by J. Douglas Taylor in the book “The Taylor Trading...
what is pyramid trading strategyvideo

Pyramid Money Management Strategy on Forex

Pyramiding is one of the trading methods of increasing capital. The essence of this method consists in the sequential opening of several transactions with a favorable trend. First of all, it is necessary to...

The Basics of Forex Arbitrage

In this video you can see the introduction to Forex Arbitrage and explanation of the why such strategies are considered illegal with many brokers. Can arbitrage trading be effective? Watch the video and learn!