In this area we learn general stuff about trading on the financial markets: basic terms, analytical and charting services and a lot more. Don't ignore the quizes - after you watch the video, spend few minutes to check how did you acquire information.

Trading Without Stop Loss: 3 Alternative Methods to Cut Losses in Forex

One of the key rules taught to every beginning trader is to use stop loss orders. A stop loss is a surefire way to reduce your possible losses if the price starts to move...

Are Forex Advisors worth buying?

On the Internet, more and more often there are reports on the sale of a profitable Forex advisor for traders. The seller assures the buyer (trader) that his Forex advisor will increase the deposit...

How to Use the Triple Screen Strategy by Alexandr Elder

Hello, fellow traders. Beginners on Forex often ask about more than known Triple Screen Strategy by Alexander Elder, which is mentioned in the book "How to play and win at the stock exchange". At the...

Everything You Need to Know About Carry Trading in Forex  

Carry trade is a pretty unusual low-risk trading strategy that boasts the ability to generate profits over a long period of time. If you do internet research on carry trading, you’ll only find scare...

Fractal Analysis on the Forex Market Explained

In this article, we’ll talk about fractals and fractal analysis. How to use fractal analysis? What are the pros and cons of trading fractals in the Forex market?   Fractals had been used in trading...

Is No-Loss Forex Trading Strategy Real?

Watch the video and see an example of a strategy that the author declares as "no-loss". Rate this strategy and try to test it on your own! Share the results with us.

Simple Forex Pipsing Strategy Explained

  What is "pipsing"? A small profit margin usually corresponds to a short time in the trades, which in turn leads to a high rate of opening orders. In another way, this method of trading is...

Dow Jones Theory Explained in Simple Words

While it’s crucial to develop new technical trading systems, it’s equally important to understand the core trading principles that have stood the test of time. These principles were introduced by Charles Dow in the...

Swing Trading Explained

The concept of swing trading appeared a long time ago. This technique was firstly used as early as in the 1950s and was described by J. Douglas Taylor in the book “The Taylor Trading...