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Pipbear main goal is to provide actual rating information on forex related tools as well as great content for traders. We are always open to hear your trading tips, strategies, tools or expertise that we can share with our readers. So feel free to contribute your useful article to Pipbear.

Where To Start?

We created guidelines that you need to follow before submitting your content. We expect your writing skills similar to our level.

Get published by following these key points:

  • fresh information;
  • well-planned and structured content should cover the topic from every possible side.

More Details

There are no limitations to length of article. The main point is to provide useful and not generic information to Pipbear community.

We are glad to publish you content on regular basis once in fits out guidelines.

Ok. I Am Ready To Submit

Please use our contact form to submit your guest post pitch and provide following information:

  • include 2-3 links to your previous works to understand your level of expertise
  • provide a list of 1-2 topics that you are ready to cover. We are mainly interested in practical cases, daily trading tips and hacks.