Welcome To My Free Forex Course

Hello Traders,
Welcome to pipbear.com and i am happy to show you my absolutely free Forex Course — 22 Lessons of my experience, motivation and knowledge that i acquired after thousands of trades, changing several brokers, few depressions, Ups and Downs. I am trading Forex since 2004, so i have something to say about trading.
My opinion on several things might be different from what you usually read about Forex. I have to say that everything i wright about is only my way of trading, i don’t insist anyone to think or trade in the same way.
I do not sell the access to the course, all content is 100% free and you will just need 2 hours to read it and understand. Hopefully, this course will save you several thousand dollars that you may lose in the market. Hopefully, some ideas will change your trading attitude, make it more systematic and clear.
As you will see, i am not the fan of many indicators, scripts, advisors and so on. From my point of view, no one will do the work better than you and there are no free algorythms that will trade for you. So — no robots, no sh%t like this, just manual trading, keeping the journal, analysis and hard work.
I am always checking all questions in comments, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask it.

Alright, my friend. Welcome to the course, let’s move on with the lesson 1 and good luck!