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Dear Trader,
Welcome to pipbear.com! All content on this website is free, I do not advertise anything except my private 2-week one-on-one mentoring session. If you are just starting, i would recommend to pass my free trading course – 22 lessons of my concentrated trading experience.

First 5 Lessons of the Course

Forex Trading lesson

Lesson #1: What is Forex Trading All About?

If you are undertaking this training course, you are probably familiar with forex (or other...
how to learn forex

Lesson #2: How to Get into Forex Trading and Not Lose a Fortune?

This probably should have been the first lesson I posted. However, I thought it would...
forex terms

Lesson #3: 10 Basic Forex Glossary Terms That You Need to Learn

In this short lesson, I will list a few terms that are good to know...
types of forex orders

Lesson #4: Order Types, Opening and Closing Forex Trades

In this lesson, we are going to learn trading orders’ basic principles in the forex...
How to open forex trade

Lesson #5: How to Open & Close a Forex Trade – Practice

I decided to make a small bonus lesson. I hope that you have successfully completed...
averaging on forex

Trading Without Stop Loss: 3 Alternative Methods to Cut Losses in Forex

One of the key rules taught to every beginning trader is to use stop loss orders. A stop loss is a surefire way to...
share4you review

Copy Trading Services Review

If you know a thing or two about trading, you’ve probably heard about copy trading, too. This is a very popular service that comes...
what is a pip in trading

What is a Pip in Forex Trading?

You must’ve heard the term “pip” multiple times. If you’re still not sure what exactly it means, go ahead and read this article. To...
forex hedging strategy

Hedging Strategies in Forex Market

Hedging is a technique designed to reduce the exposure to investment risks. In other words, hedging is used to offset the risk of unfavorable...
forex mentor

Price Action Patterns