Price Action

Here i review most popular price action patterns that traders usually search and use. Most efficient are explained in lesson #16 of my course.


How to Trade the Dragon Price Action Pattern

Dragon pattern is a reversal model of technical analysis on Forex. It is a rare candlestick figure indicating the very beginning of a trend reversal. Dragon pattern is one of "exotic" reversal patterns in the...
jaroo strategy signals

The Jaroo Price Action Strategy Explained

Today we are going to discuss the strategy known as the “Jaroo method”. It is a Price Action-based strategy having interesting features. It has its own method of determining the key levels, and also...

Wedge Price Action Formation Explained

Wedge is a well-known continuation pattern in the technical analysis at Forex. It is rarer to see than flag and pennant, but it often indicates a forthcoming reversal. These models belong to triangles too,...
butterfly pattern on forexvideo

Gartley Butterfly Pattern Explained

Non-indicator analysis of Forex is guided by only one judgment: traders will behave equally under equal conditions. This regularity is easily confirmed if we look at the chart history. You can see that the...
cup and handlevideo

Cup and Handle Chart Formation Explained

Cup and handle is a lucrative pattern of the upward trend continuation. This pattern is a technical formation which usually appears rarely but provides traders with an excellent trading result and a high profitability...
bearish TPvideo

Rectangle Chart Pattern Explained

Forex rectangle is a pattern which is formed on a chart when the price is between parallel (horizontal) levels of support and resistance. This pattern shows the period of market consolidation and indecision of...
Symmetrical trianglesvideo

How to Trade Triangle Formation Correctly?

Whether you have ever opened a trade based on ascending, descending or symmetrical triangles and lost money due to a trend reversal? We will see below how often the triangle model does not work...
bearish flag pattern on forexvideo

How to Use Flag and Pennant Patterns Properly

The flag pattern is one of the most noteworthy trading patterns when talking about the tools which are used in technical analysis. It predicts the continuation of the existing market trend, most often occurring...
h&s patternsvideo

How to Trade Head and Shoulders Pattern?

Head and shoulders (H&S) pattern refers to the technical formation in charts. Different types of this pattern are quite common; however, the pattern is rarely seen in its pure form. There are two version...

How to Use 1-2-3 Reversal Pattern in Trading?

In this video we explain and show how to find and trade 1-2-3 Reversal Price Action pattern in real market conditions. This is a great non-indicator trading strategy.