Here i review most popular forex indicators and oscillators that traders usually use for technical analysis of the market.

Trend Lines Auto indicator

Trend Lines Auto Indicator Explained

The essence of the Trend Lines Auto Indicator is the analysis of the data received from the stock exchange and automatic creation of the charts that display this data in the form of the...
ku klux indicator

The Ku Klux Indicator Explained

  The basic postulate of technical analysis says that the changes on the current market are caused by the changes that have happened earlier. If so, you can extrapolate the past experience to the current...
x lines indicator

The X-Lines Indicator for the MetaTrader4 Platform

Many traders face difficulties while drawing the price levels, especially when a trader notices that analysis of the market situation is quite subjective. Have you ever noticed that several traders can draw one and...
ZoneTrade indicator settings

ZoneTrade Indicator Settings and Signals

It’s required to carry out a comprehensive assets analysis for successful trading in financial markets. Various tools which are able to clearly determine the trend’s direction, strength and acceleration are often used for this. Complex...

Scalper MA indicator — Description and Adjustment

In this article, we'll go through the scalping tactics when using an important component, which is the Scalper MA indicator. Besides we will review the description and settings of the above tool in this...

How to Trade a Tunnel Strategy on Forex

  The tunnel strategy is a multicurrency trading system for which the recommended time interval is considered to be one hour (H1) chart, but, if desired, it can be used on M15 charts for scalping...

DiNapoli Trading Strategy Explained

In this video each line of DiNapoli indicator is explained. Watch the tutorial and learn how to open and close trading position according to this trading strategy.

Market Profile Indicator Explained

Market Profile is not a built-in indicator but great data source that can completely change your trading approach. Watch the video and learn how to use it in Forex Trading.

How to Use WPR Forex Indicator?

Williams Percent Range is another oscillator used to identify whether the market is overbought or oversold. Watch the video and learn how to use WPR indicator in your trading strategy.

MACD Trading Strategy Explained

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is one of the most effective momentum indicators built in Metatrader platform. Watch the video and learn how to interpret MACD signals.