Genesis Matrix Trading Strategy Explained

Genesis Matrix is a pretty well-known trading system that has gained the respect of thousands of traders. But there is something better than being able to use this strategy on your own. Imagine having a smart advisor that trades by the rules of the Genesis Matrix strategy. With it, all you need to do is to watch your trading account grow!

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In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the Genesis Matrix strategy, including its weak spots. We’ll find out how to use this strategy and benefit from the Genesis matrix advisor.

The Genesis Matrix strategy uses 6 technical indicators, 4 standard ones and 2 custom ones. If you add the indicators on the chart, it’ll look like this:

genesis matrix indicator and advisor

While the standard indicators are compatible with the Genesis Matrix advisor, the custom indicators had to be adjusted to fit the advisor.

If you think that designing the Genesis Matrix advisor took me a couple of hours, you’re mistaken. It was a very arduous and time-consuming task that required lots of discipline and concentration. However, the result was worth the effort.

Here are the key parameters of the Genesis Matrix strategy:

Timeframe: М1-М15 (М5 is recommended)
Trading time: European session

Long entry

  • GENESIS MATRIX indicator is white;
  • Stochastic leaves an oversold zone;
  • Heiken Ashi candle is white;
  • Heiken Ashi candle closes above ЕМА5;
  • Stochastic in М15 chart moves in the direction of a trade;
  • ARROW indicator issues a signal (optional).

how to use genesis indicator on forex

Short entry

  • GENESIS MATRIX indicator is red;
  • Stochastic leaves an overbought zone;
  • Heiken Ashi candle is red;
  • Heiken Ashi candle closes below ЕМА5;
  • Stochastic in M15 chart moves in the direction of a trade;
  • ARROW indicator issues a signal (optional).

genesis matrix short

Exit rules

GENESIS MATRIX indicator issues the opposite signal;

  • Place a stop loss at the nearest local levels;
  • If a price moves in your direction, activate the breakeven and profit trailing features.

How To create the GENESIS MATRIX Advisor

  • The advisor follows the rules described above;
  • All system parameters and indicator parameters are used as external variables;
  • The advisor was created using the advanced template from;
  • To learn more about the advisor’s functions, read the article “Trading Advisors: Key Functions” from


The Genesis Market trading system turned out to be a tough choice for creating an advisor. It took me plenty of time to analyze the indicators and adjust them for working in automated mode. I believe that the hard work justifies the price I’m asking for this advisor. Along with my guidelines, I recommend using your ideas regarding the Genesis Matrix strategy. You can remove some of the signals or add new ones, experiment with news indicators, and so on. In other words, use whatever works for you.

Here are the backtesting results of the Genesis Matrix advisor:

genesis advisor backtesting results

Feel free to play around with the Genesis Matrix strategy. You can try out different currency pairs and timeframes, change settings, add signals, etc. Who knows? You may end up with a super-profitable trading strategy of your own!

For example, if you take a stop loss out of the equation and only rely on the opposite signal to close a trade, the strategy shows even better backtesting results:

genesis matrix advisor results