Forex Profit Supreme Strategy


Forex Profit Supreme is a day trading strategy that uses six custom indicators to generate reliable entry signals.

Key characteristics

  • Currency pairAny
  • TimeframeМ15 and higher
  • Trading period: Day
  • Strategy typeIndicator-based strategy, day strategy

Detailed Video Guide


  • ForexProfitSupreme Meter shows general information on currency pairs, strength and direction of a trend, and the most volatile currency pairs. The indicator window is displayed in the left upper corner of a chart.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Bars paints candlesticks red or green depending on the direction of a trend.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Clocks shows the time till the close of the current candle.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Signal shows the type of a signal (Buy/Sell) with red and blue arrows.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Filteris a filter indicator that issues early signals.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Dlineis a filter indicator that issues final entry signals.

profit supreme strategy


  • Use the informer indicators to select a currency pair for analysis.
  • Use ForexProfitSupreme Meter to choose the most volatile currency pair.
  • If ForexProfitSupreme Signal plots an arrow, check the volatility of your selected currency pair.
  • Make a trading decision based on the signals generated by the filter indicators.

Go long

  • ForexProfitSupremeSignal plots a blue arrow pointing upwards.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Meter shows that the currency pair is going up.
  • ForexProfitSupremeFilter is blue.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Dline is green and above zero.

Go short

  • ForexProfitSupreme Signal plots a red arrow pointing downwards.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Meter shows that the currency is going down.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Filter is red.
  • ForexProfitSupreme Dline is red and below zero.

Tips on using Forex Profit Supreme System

  • Get out when the indicators give the opposite signals.
  • To open a trade, you need to get entry signals from all the indicators.
  • One of the currencies in your selected currency pair must be among the most volatile currencies as shown by ForexProfitSupreme Meter.

Forex Profit Supreme strategy is pretty simple and straightforward, which makes it fit even for beginners. Before using this strategy in real-life trading, be sure to test it on a demo account to gain some experience.