Show Pips Indicator for Savvy Traders

When it comes to getting regular updates on your trading account, you can’t do without the indicator known as Show Pips. This helpful tool displays the following information right on your chart:

  • profit in pips;
  • profit in %;
  • profit in the currency you’re trading;
  • spread for the currency pair you’re trading;
  • time till a bar closes on the current timeframe.

Show Pips Indicator

For user’s convenience, Show Pips can display the information in three modes:

  • near a price;
  • as a comment;
  • in the selected corner of the screen.

That’s not all yet! The Show Pips indicator is a vastly customizable tool with flexible settings. You can select the displayed parameters, as well as change the color, font, and size of a text. By looking at the color, you’ll instantly know whether your trade is making a profit or losing.