One-on-one Risk-Management Mentoring Program With Tony Pipbear

Duration: 2 Weeks
Cost: 0$
Format: Daily Online Communication
Duration: 2 Weeks
Cost: $350 $0
Format: Daily Online Communication
Will you teach me how to trade?

The idea of this program is to rationalize your trading approach and instill a habit of recording trades in a journal for further analysis.

If you need basic information about how to start - I have a free course of 22 lessons. It will explain everything you need to start.

Is it really on-one-one?

Yes. During these 2 weeks we work on your strategy, your risk-management system and control how you execute the trading rules that you created.

How to get the program for free?

I have 2 offers for traders that are interested in a mentoring program.

The first one is the direct payment of $350 for a 2-week follow-up. You can split a payment and pay for each week if you want. If after week 1 you decide that you do not want to continue, stop there and do not pay for the second part.

The second offer is when you pay nothing to me but switch to the broker that I trade with, using my affiliate link (I trade with Easymarkets). The point is that every broker has an affiliate program that allows us to refer a friend and receive revenue for it.

In this case, I might (hopefully) receive a payment from a broker, so you can save money and invest it into trading (or something else).

Please tell me if you consider this offer is fair or not. Message me anytime on I reply to all emails.

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