CMC Markets Broker Review


To understand whether CMC Markets is suitable for you or not, I recommend to pay attention to these 3 things: reputation, trading conditions, and regulation.

is cmc markets scam?

For how long the company is in the market?

  • CMC Markets is in the market since 1989.

What are the main advantages here?

  • The main advantages of CMC Markets are the reputation and the unique trading platform.

Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?

  • We did not find any reason not to open an account to test this company.

Does CMC Markets have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

  • Yes, CMC Markets is suitable for Arabic traders.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • It is possible to start trading at $100.

What this broker regulated?

  • Yes, CMC Markets is regulated by FCA.

Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?

  • CMC offers low spreads or indices, spread on EUR/USD is also lower than the market average.

CMC Markets Features

Minimum deposit $1
Cent account
ECN account
Typical spread 1.5
Avg rebate per lot $0.00
Quote accuracy 5
Execution type ME
Max leverage 1:200
Trading platform Web platform, mobile and tablet apps
Est since 1989
Regulation Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Pamm accounts
VPS service
Mobile Trading
Minimum trade size 0.01
Islamic account

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Trading CFDs carries a high degree of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

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Suspicious reviews that we found

Terrible slippage. Had positions open on several indices which were well into profit, such profit being protected by appropriate stop losses. Then Greek exit from Euro problems……..the positions were stopped out and instead of being in profit most of them went very south and I lost money! There is no point in a stop loss if it doesn’t work. Also fairly certain that running stops has occurred. The slippage problem is enough for me to re-consider using them……..there’s no guess work or further evidence required to reach a sound conclusion. Your money will always be at a high unknown risk if you cannot rely on the stops.*

*The review was found on ForexPeaceArmy. Meanwhile, we have no tools to check if this review is real and if the issue is resolved or not.


  1. I work for 8 years on SMS. Very powerful and reliable broker. I do not remember a single slip. I had a break in work (almost a year did not sell). I was sure that my account was already deleted, and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that the account is valid and even the deposit was saved (the amount is “ridiculous,” but the fact itself speaks volumes).
    The set of methods of withdrawal of funds is small, but accuracy and efficiency at the highest level.
    A wide range of trading instruments and a large selection of deposit currencies, which provides additional risk insurance.

  2. They have the clearest and easiest to understand system. They have very cheap spreads. I love the way that if you buy shares or “carry trade” currencies, they pay you the dividends or interest rate spread into the account, so you can clearly see yourself receiving these rather than having them hidden in some complex formula used for pricing.

  3. A big scam. They trade against clients. I loose a lot of money.
    The price move huge against the positions of clients. And if you put a order of high volume, next day you are broken.
    The probability is 50% right? Why that happen all the times?

  4. The CMC online trading system is flawed as it allows you to place orders only to find out that when your order is due to be executed the system cancels your order although there was sufficient margin on the account to place the trade. The company has de-frauded me out of 45 points and it is only a matter of time before you face a similar issue. Trade with a more reputable broker and keep away. You will also note that at their choice they widen spreads sometimes to almost 10 points wide – which of course will take out your stop if you happen to be trading close to these prices.

  5. And ‘ve tried most of the major ones over the last 12 years. The platform is extremely slick and flexible to suit individual needs, charts excellent. I trade indexes and contrary to the previous review I have never seen the spread widen, in fact on the Dow and Dax they are the most competitive in the market. No trade is ever declined unless the market is closed for some highly exceptional and rare reason, and slippage is tiny and as likely to work in your favour as against you, as execution is almost instant, around 200ms

  6. As for this trader. It’s ok. Average. Stable. Forks and spreads – are normal. You can work with this system and be safe.