Exness Broker Review


To understand whether Exness is suitable for you or not, I recommend to pay attention to these 3 things: reputation, trading conditions, and regulation.


is exness scam

For how long the company is in the market?

  • Exness is in the market since 2008.

What are the main advantages here?

  • Exness declares the unlimited margin leverage, tight spreads, ECN accounts. Quotes history is available on their website, which is a pretty unique feature.

Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?

  • We did not find any reason not to open an account to test this company.

Does Exness have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

  • Yes, Exness is suitable for Arabic traders.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • It is possible to start trading at $100.

What this broker regulated?

Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?

  • The company offers ECN accounts with zero spreads. Spreads on mini and classic accounts start from 0.1.

Exness Features

Minimum deposit $1
Cent account
ECN account
Typical spread 1.1
Avg rebate per lot $1.60
Quote accuracy 5
Execution type IE/ME
Max leverage 1:2000
Trading platform MT4, MT5
Est since 2008
Regulation CySEC, FCA
Pamm accounts
VPS service
Mobile Trading
Minimum trade size 0.01
Islamic account

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Trading CFDs carries a high degree of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

Youtube Review

Suspicious reviews that we found

Worst broker to trade with they will provide excellent service of Re-quotes during normal trading condition the Icing on the cake is that they will provide Re-quotes multiple times and you’ll never be able to place a trade or close your trade at the price you want to.
when you’ll talk to online support they will ask you to use VPS so that you don’t get requotes*

*The review was found on ForexPeaceArmy. Meanwhile, we have no tools to check if this review is real and if the issue is resolved or not.


  1. The presence of large leverage allows you to test my strategy, and without any dirty tricks. Not at every step you can find a broker who would be happy to provide a large shoulder and do not put the stick in the wheel. Exness did not notice anything like that. The account is open from November 22, with a deposit of 400 bucks. To this day, for this period (less than a month), a profit of 75% has been received. At the same time, another transaction was opened, while there is a profit of 2%, I feel that I will close it at a loss, it does not go somehow. But that’s not the point. All the same for forex when accounting for work with a normal broker, and not a high-level service to get 75% of profit for a month roughly speaking it’s gorgeous

  2. Not everything is as beautiful as advertised in Exness. There are nuances that are spelled out in small print. I ran a few on them – then my shoulder will be cut at the most inopportune moment, then the spreads are spread. In general, they will not earn money.

  3. The company is not in the right direction – spread spreads, with high volatility spread eur / usd is expanding to 10.0 points. On news it is impossible to trade – it opens a pending stop order at the highest / lowest point, for all 30.0 – 70.0 points (300-700 in 5-digit) as if specially with a delay of 10-30 seconds (!). The only advantage is instantaneous output.

  4. EXNESS is really one of the most normal brokers now. I have been working with them for a long time and do not complain. Trading conditions are excellent, spread, I / O, terminal – super. I’m happy, and most importantly that when trading with them I do not have a feeling that I’m stuck in the wheels or bluntly led to the sink.

  5. I worked with Exness for about a year, so far I can only say good things. Fulfill all their obligations to the client to the fullest.

  6. Most like EXNESS auto-output – an excellent thing. Output normally. However, with a spread sometimes such miracles happen, that my eye starts to twitch. But let’s hope for the best, because the broker is really good.

  7. I use excness as a backup broker (for every fireman). While everything suits, there are no requotes and slippage. Auto-output works smartly, which is very pleasing. Generally excness in the market is relatively recent, so it was somehow frightening to open an account for them, and on the other hand, while fresh work for conscience. If there are any problems, be sure to unsubscribe.

  8. Exness of pure water scam. It would be possible to attach a screen to show everyone. Made a pending order for the AUD / CAD pair in 16.28 – September 5, 1.02000, and at 4.30 pm there was a deal with a deviation of 400 points to 1.02395 although the price reached only 1.02310. Spread up to 30 points on this pair. Worst broker I know

  9. I have been trading with this broker for a year now. Immediately I will say on the trading conditions is the best option of all that I have tried. And for my trading career, I traded in robots, foyu, inste and teletrade. And somehow I have never bothered with the issues of regulation and trading volume in the company, they give me money and it’s okay. And then recently exness conducted an audit and published on the site its results. and there the amounts are impressive! And that I was so impressed. Here I think, knowingly intuitively chose exness. Still, the more the company of customers and volumes, the more confidence it causes.

  10. In my opinion, you should carefully select your trading account. there is a chance to choose not the performance that you need. I opened an account, but in fact it turned out that the market execution does not suit me. Slips on the news can be very serious, especially if the eurobucks is selected for bidding. So I stopped in the end on a classic account. Spreads are only slightly wider than on esn but at the same time execution is immediately at the price that I need. As a result, everything is chosen only by practice. Do not try not to be punished.

  11. Not a good broker. I could have made some research before investing but I was so eager to earn some money. Well, we all learn from our mistakes. To cut the long story short, my son figured a way out. Fightingscams at aol dt com put an end to my ordeal with this broker.

  12. This is not a good broker. I should have done my research properly before investing. I was really down and I opened up to my son. He found a way. I wrote to fightingscams at aol dt com and my ordeal with this broker came to an end. Hope this helps.