eToro Broker Review

To understand whether eToro is suitable for you or not, I recommend to pay attention to these 3 things: reputation, trading conditions, and regulation.

etoro review

For how long the company is in the market?

  • eToro is in the market since 2007.

What are the main advantages here?

  • The main advantage of eToro is a social trading which is based on duplicating someone else’s trading orders.

Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?

  • We did not find any reason not to open an account to test this company.

Does eToro have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

  • Yes, eToro is suitable for Arabic traders.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • It is possible to start trading at $100.

What this broker regulated?

  • Yes, eToro is regulated by NFA, CySEC, ASIC, CFTC, MiFID and FCA.

Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?

  • Fees on Forex instruments are higher than the market average. Meanwhile eToro offers to trade such trading assets as crypto, stocks and ETFs as well.

eToro Features

Minimum deposit $50
Cent account
ECN account
Typical spread 2
Avg rebate per lot $0.00
Quote accuracy 4
Execution type ME
Max leverage 1:400
Trading platform eToro webTrader, etoro Openbook, eToro Mobile Trader
Est since 2007
Pamm accounts Copy Trading
VPS service
Mobile Trading
Minimum trade size 0.1
Islamic account
Open Account

Trading CFDs carries a high degree of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

Youtube Review

Suspicious reviews that we found

Trying to withdraw money on a verified account. It’s been days and they haven’t paid it out. I’ve been trying to reach out to their customer service, I opened a ticket, its been days without answer or update or anything, they have no phone to call and their live chat is down/not working. All I get is a facade keeping my money.
It feels extremely sketchy, I am definitely never using it again.*

*The review was found on ForexPeaceArmy. Meanwhile, we have no tools to check if this review is real and if the issue is resolved or not.


  1. Its good, solid from what I’ve experienced over the last half year. Exceptionally so for a trading copy service I’d say.

    The withdrawal fee is so that it only makes sense to move money in 1000s at a time at least, so that is the one catch.

  2. I’ve had nothing but excellent service from Etoro. I’ve both deposited and withdrawn money without any problems.

  3. Etoro is not a Scam its really great Platform I personal use and Successfully withdraw to pay-pal with on 4 Days

    1st u must be verified your account
    2nd withdraw name and details must b same as per your verified Documents then after 3 to 4 Days u can get your money

  4. Been using for just over a month with no problems apart from occasional issues logging in due to high traffic which is a bit annoying. Deposited and withdrew funds from my account with no issues. Withdrawing funds did take a few days. Initial deposits were refunded to the card used to deposit and profits were credited to my paypal account. I think they do this to prevent money laundering. A $25 withdrawal fee is charged which is clearly stated.

  5. I loaded up etoro with 500 euro, then added a further 2000 euro. Played around for a week or so and made $1000 profit. I then put in a request to withdraw funds on 20 Dec for 2500 euro back to my debit card and $500 to my paypal account. 22 Dec the money was in both my accounts. I left $500 in etoro to go again. As far as I see, the platform has been operating a number of years and if it was a scam it would have been dissolved long ago. No issues at all.

  6. Very poor trading app – there are a number of problems but by far the biggest is, when there is a lot of movement in the market and a lot of volume the site just shuts down and logs you out. It is insane. And happens often.

    I had a position for USD2500 and I was in the money, then I was forcibly logged out and the market moved against me by 20pc and despite repeated efforts, etoro would not let me back in to close the trade.

  7. Been using eToro for 6 months and overall its been a great experience. Previously investing in the stockmarket was a hidden world and way too difficult. The click of a button on an easy to use website and you’ve got skin in the game. As far the criticism is concerned whilst its far from perfect a lot of people simply don’t understand the fees and charges structure. I’ve tried a couple of other similar sites and whilst their spreads are much tighter they charge overnight fees and these add up very quickly. Etoro charges no overnight fees on cryptos so people need to fully understand the long term impact of ongoing fees.