FreshForex Broker Review


To understand whether FreshForex is suitable for you or not, I recommend to pay attention to these 3 things: reputation, trading conditions, and regulation.

freshforex review
For how long the company is in the market?

  • FreshForex is in the market since 2004.

What are the main advantages here?

  • The main advantages of FreshForex are nice analytical tools for a trader such as a heatmap, opened positions and more. The company has a bot service and its own VPS.

Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?

  • We did not find any reason not to open an account to test this company.

Does FreshForex have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

  • Yes, FreshForex is suitable for Arabic traders.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • It is possible to start trading at $100.

What this broker regulated?

  • Yes, FreshForex is regulated by CRFIN and KROUFR.

Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?

  • FF is one of few companies that offer to trade US Dollar vs Chinese Renminbi. Overall spreads are about the average.

FreshForex Features

Minimum deposit $1
Cent account
ECN account
Typical spread 1.7
Avg rebate per lot $1.92
Quote accuracy 5
Execution type ME
Max leverage 1:2000
Trading platform MT4
Est since 2004
Pamm accounts
VPS service
Mobile Trading
Minimum trade size 0.01
Islamic account

Open Account

Trading CFDs carries a high degree of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

Youtube Review

Suspicious reviews that we found

Please check your withdrawal calculation tool. It is broken! I’ve calculated using your tool and it shows clearly that 139.88 will be deducted from my account and I clearly have that amount but when I click to process it, there is an error.*

*The review was found on ForexPeaceArmy. Meanwhile, we have no tools to check if this review is real and if the issue is resolved or not.


  1. Simple, narrow spreads flouting from zero is not a joke. I have been with freshforex for now 2 months, but only recently I realized that this broker do not charge commissions on deposits!

  2. Hello everyone.I wanna share my opinion about FreshForex. The broker is adequate and doesn’t send me angry letters saying that they don’t like my profitable trading. I had such situation with my past broker – when I started to get profit, they asked me to change my trading strategy.

  3. This is one of the brokers that desires to see their clients making money on the forex market. They do so by minimizing their spreads on major currencies. Their online trading platform is functional and usable. Their customer support is friendly and always online to help the clients or anyone who wants to know more about the company. I highly recommend this broker to anyone who is facing problems with their brokers or who wants to succeed in the forex business.

  4. Last year as a new trader I was fooled by good reviews and open an account in FreshForex. Rude support is one of the biggest problem in my opinion. Classic account has a lot of reqoutes, average spreads, nothing out of the ordinary. I expected better from such popular forex broker

  5. I’ve been trading with FreshForex since 2012. From that time a lot of companies went bankrupt, but this one is still successfully working. And the service is great!

  6. The trading conditions are brilliant, low spreads and very interesting webinars. The customer support is good. I can get my money as fast as it possible. I like their bonuses and I have personal manager. So, it’s a great broker.

  7. FreshForex is a one of old-timer on Forex market. I know it for a long time, before rebrending. And this company are always developing their service. It is very important, especially after a series of bankruptcies. It is my main company for trading, and I wish it prosperity.

  8. I have been working with this broker for a year and I allways have good profit. I withdraw money several times a year and never had problems with it. I’d also like to mention their good bonuses, try it!

  9. I decided to join them, when they offered the “spreads in halves” promotion. Stayed with them since- orders are fast and the withdrawals too.

  10. I am with FreshForex, and their trade execution is fast. Aside from it, I also like their tight spreads, and hassle-free withdrawal process. If you are a new trader, you may want to try this broker out.

  11. See, For the 6 years I’ve been with these guys, I’ve been able to ride through very low spreads and almost instant withdrawals of profits. The good news is that, anytime there’s any hitch, there’s always someone on the other end to respond and to correct the error. Customer care is very efficient. Thanks for the good work keep up!

  12. Don’t forget to attend to their webinars, it’s a really good opportunity to enhance your trading skills. Also you can claim the deposit bonus that can be traded and hold your drawdown, it makes it really convenient for me to trade effectively with this company…

  13. Expect a faster order execution in their ECN account. And you may use your trading robots and even utilizing their VPS so you don’t have to make your computer running for 24/5

  14. I highly recommend you to claim their deposit bonus since it also works as additional balance where it can hold the drawdown of your negative trade, not only works as additional margin in your trading account…

  15. They have the least spreads and have the fastest deposit and withdrawal methods, This including several methods that commonly used in Asia region such as Fasapay, Skrill and Neteller.

  16. I can say that I’m getting better since I joined this company. They gave me some good insights about the market through their weekly webinars and some good technical analysis that I can apply it on my own charts. Keep up the good work, FreshForex.

  17. My only opinion about FreshForex that they only need to keep up the recent situation. I can’t find another company that has a tighter spread than this one, especially on their ECN account where most scalpers are trading with it. The company also has their scheduled webinars that we can take part of.

  18. The tight spread helped me to achieve 10% in a month by scalping. Also with no requote on their platform, proves to be a reliable ECN broker in the market…

  19. broker Support service is a face of company. If it is bad, then traders choose another broker, even if trading conditions are good. That’s why I check Customer support, then I chose a broker. Freshforex offers very good Personal manager. It’s my experience. My manager, she always helps me. So, I was not surprised then Freshforex was recognized as a broker with best Customer Support Service

  20. I choose FreshForex due to the fact that I can trade with very tight spread and low commissions on every trading instrument you’re trading with. Starting from 0 pip to around 1.5 – 2 pips

  21. FreshForex is known in the forex market for its different benefits and features. This website provides the traders with the option to trade in a flexible and secure manner. Low spreads, high liquidity trading, also no requotes what make them as one of reputable brokers in the market

  22. I wanna share my opinion about FreshForex. The broker is adequate and doesn’t send me angry letters saying that they don’t like my profitable trading. I had such situation with my past broker, thus the withdrawal can be done in several minutes after sending the request

  23. A brief understanding I got from their examples on their daily analysis. I love to see such efforts the experts shown on their website by giving daily forecasts and we can copy their work without any doubt

  24. Simpe but yet powerful trading system taught in their weekly webinars, combination of important levels along with price actions.

  25. Kudos for the trading server that allows me to speed scalping without having to worry to be delayed or even requoted in some cases. I feel safer to scalp here even with the tighter spreads they’re offer

  26. Many websites could only provide me with software that would only show me the status of ongoing trades without the ability to open or close any positions. This is frustrating for traders that don’t always have access to their computers. Luckily I stumbled on FreshForex and found not only what I needed but it also works perfectly

  27. FreshForex is consistenly giving out free education through their weekly webinars as well as reviewing the market for the future time. I feel helped by this as I’m still learning to find my own trading system.

  28. Did withdraw $350 from the previous profits I have made from Gold. Only to wait couple of minutes to be processed then I got email notification that my request was accepted. I mean, it’s quite fast that I didn’t notice it.

  29. Pretty much appreciate of what they have done on their ECN account, pretty tight commission that you can instantly cover with your profits no matter how small the profit is. Also I just found the broker itself providing Nasdaq to trade, which is one of the most volatile instrument there.

  30. Good to know they still have the best deposit bonus I would always claim on every deposit I have made to their account. The bonus itself not only to add additional margin to your trading fund, but also holding your drawdowns, it can be useful if your trading strategy is a bit risky there…

  31. Love their webinars so far, it is done on weekly basis and I can just enroll to it. They discuss about the market and their own perspective towards it along with sharing their technical analysis.