FxPro Broker Reviews

To understand whether FXPRO is suitable for you or not, I recommend to pay attention to these 3 things: reputation, trading conditions, and regulation.

is fxpro scam?
For how long the company is in the market?

  • FxPro is in the market since 2006.

What are the main advantages here?

  • The main advantages of FxPro are trading conditions, international awards and a wide range of trading platforms.

Did you find any reasons not to work with this broker?

  • We did not find any reasons not to open an account with FxPro.

Does FxPro have swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

  • Yes, FxPro is suitable for Middle-East traders.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

  • It is possible to start trading at $100.

Is this broker regulated?

  • Yes, FxPro is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB), Financial Services Board (FSB) and compliant with MiFID directive 2004/39/EC.

Anything special about spreads and margin leverage?

  • FxPro declares that all client orders are executed anonymously with No Dealing Desk intervention, subject to our Order Execution Policy. Over 99.9% of orders are executed in less than 42 milliseconds, with up to 7,000 orders executed per second.

FxPro Features

Minimum deposit $100
Cent account
ECN account
Typical spread 1.7
Avg rebate per lot $4.39
Quote accuracy 5
Execution type IE/ME
Max leverage 1:500
Trading platform MT4, MT5, cTrader, Web
Est since 2006
Regulation SCB, CySEC
Pamm accounts
VPS service
Mobile Trading
Minimum trade size 0.01
Islamic account
Open Account

Trading CFDs carries a high degree of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

Youtube Review

Suspicious reviews that we found

This broker turned to one of the most tricky and BAD brokers ever.
1) Their servers (maybe intentionally) got slower and slower during critical times for trading (like news or near market close), inflicting huge slippages with silly requotes, leading the trades to a catastrophe.
2) They use a very sinister spread widening strategy (BEYOND any logic), inflicting fake movements to specific trading instruments at certain times (I can present very analytical evidence). One example: they widen the SELL and BUY prices of natural gas, from 7 units – which is already a relatively high spread – to 10,20 or even 30 (!), every night, making it to go up AND down by almost 0,40 %, with no other broker doing the same thing!
3) They are lowering the leverage or even block the accounts of the clients who are profitable finding ridiculous excuses like night trading, NBP abuses, etc.
4) when they notice that one client understand all the above, they block his accounts and stop responding to emails.*

*We found this review on uk.trustpilot.com. Trader has a concern about bad conditions in certain market situations.


  1. I am using FxPro for the last 3 years and I must say that my experience with this broker has been really good. I found a lot of convenient services which other broker didn’t provide me. This company is really reliable and pay the profits.

  2. I have been trading with them since october 2008. Very happy with their spreads. And yes during Asian session the spread not really small but not a problem for me as most of the time i only trade London and New York Session. A good broker to go with.

  3. Very bad order execution, it seems like whenever you want to open/close your order for a good price they give you ‘no connection ‘ message. After a while the price moves against you and you get filled. What’s the point of 1 pip spread if one has to wait for two or three pips to get filled? This is on demo account, but I think this is the same data feed for real accounts.

  4. A very good broker ,tight spreads .very good customer service , instant opening and deposit .I hadn’t re-quotes problems or stop chasing problems .I’m very satisfied .

  5. I’ve finally closed my FxPro account, tired of the tricks they’ve been pulling on my account. Disconnects during trades when there is fast movement – even though the demo server stays up!

    Far too many requotes and bad ticks, preventing my strategy from opening up orders that would have gone on to win.

  6. I love this broker even sometimes I get some re-quotes. I still can manage making good money especially during US time session. I believe that some time pending orders are best to use instead of market order because of the fast movement of the market price.

  7. FxPro is one of the most decent guys out there. i am surprised to see all those ‘stop hunting’ exclamations. no freaking way. 8.5/10 definitely.

  8. Good broker. Been with them for 3 years without any problems. they do not have UK bank accounts, so costs about 2% money for each deposits/withdrawals.

  9. Recently I opened Fxpro MT4 demo-account. In my first opinion there are quite good execution and wide range of trading tools. Also I like their analytics. I hope Fxpro is reliable broker. At least they are quite famous. Among all leading brokers, FxPro offers one of the lowest spreads.

  10. Excellent customer service, I never had a problem communicating with the support team. Fast and instant execution of orders, good connection, spreads are pretty low. Good trustworthy and famous broker.

  11. Customer-oriented and reliable broker. I work with FxPro more than 1 year. No problems with the execution. You can work with all kinds of advisers, including scalping advisers. I deposit and withdraw money via credit card, all operations processed quite fast

  12. Ein toller Broker. Die Spreads sind sehr niedrig. Bis jetzt gar keine Probleme mit Geldabrufe gehabt.

  13. Ich trade schon seit langem auf Fxpro.Fxpro bietet einige der geringsten Spreads auf dem Markt! Bin damit sehr zufrieden. Kundenbetreuung ist auch echt toll,

  14. Ho aperto un Demo conto su FxPro tempo fa. Fino ad ora funziona alla grande. Gli ordini vengono eseguiti in secondi, gli spreads sono molto bassi, la piattaforma di trading è strutturata bene. Un buon broker da consigliare.

  15. Assolutamente consigliabile.
    Tra i vantaggi: spreads bassi, rapidità dell’esecuzione degli ordini, affidabilità del broker stesso, adatto sia ai principianti che agli user competenti.

  16. Ottimo broker con buone condizioni di trading. Spread basso, velocità di esecuzione degli ordini ottima. Secondo me possa essere ritenuto come uno dei broker più affidabili. Sono molto contento di aver scelto FxPro.

  17. I have tested this broker for several months and I am quite impressed with the quality of services fxpro provides. Very good customer support, a lot of webinars and other useful materials. And a lot of useful trading tools.

  18. I enjoy their mobile platform. Very convenient to trade on the go. Also highly recommend to upload on the phone their application – fxpro tools. All market information in one app.

  19. Elegí exclusivamente en la ejecución, de varias empresas solo aquí fue la ejecución muy rápido, el depósito se realizó en tres empresas, a $ 100. solo queda en esto, ahora quiero intentarlo con una cantidad más seria.
    el sitio dice que min. depósito de 500, pero con calma comencé con $ 100. nadie dijo nada
    Mucho se escribe sobre la propagación, que es más amplio que lo indicado. esto no es así, la propagación es realmente muy pequeña en el eurodólar.

  20. I have been trading with FxPro for last years and satisfied with this choice. Conditions are very suitable for me. Trading software is user-friendly, all orders executed really fast. All transactions are carried out within the terms indicated on their web-site. They offer very good economic calendar and other useful trading tools.

  21. Bestimmt einer der besten Broker auf dem Markt. Slippage ab und zu bemerkt, Spreads super niedrig, alle Oreders werden rapid besrbeitet und schnell ausgeführt.
    FxPro bietet moderne und leistungsfähige Plattformen für den Handel.

  22. Secondo me FxPro è uno dei broker piú convenienti. Spread sono bassissimi. I mercati sono sempre aperti lasciandoti libero ad operare in qualsiasi momento. Appertura e l’esecuzione degli ordini procede senza grandi slippages. Il ritiro del denaro è pure rapido. A mio parere questo broker è adatto sia per i trader esperti che per i principianti visto le flessibili condizioni offerte e un’ampia gamma di strumenti e piattaforme di trading.

  23. Secondo me FxPro è uno dei broker piú convenienti. Gli spread sono bassissimi. I mercati sono sempre aperti lasciandoti libero ad operare in qualsiasi momento. Appertura e l’esecuzione degli ordini procede senza grandi slippages. Il ritiro del denaro è pure rapido. A mio parere questo broker è adatto sia per i trader esperti che per i principianti visto le flessibili condizioni offerte e un’ampia gamma di strumenti e piattaforme di trading.

  24. A decent broker to go with if you have some trading experience. They offer a lot of account types with different platforms, provide useful online tools, good opportunities for algo trading. Besides this, FxPro has a good regulation.

  25. Bin mit dem Trading auf FxPro voll zufrieden. cTrader ist eine der besten Trading Plattformen, die zurzeit auf dem Markt existieren. Kundenservice ist auch Deutsch verfügbar.

  26. Die Vorteile von FxPro meiner Meinung nach sind niedrige Spreads, Zuverlässigkeit von Broker selbst, Auswahl von trading tools und kompetente Kundenservice. Eiber der besten Broker auf dem Markt

  27. Basterebbe dire che FxPro è quasi unico broker che fornisce spread cosi basso.
    Importante è che fxpro ci tiene ai propri clienti e mette a disposizione i webinar interessanti.
    Il servizio clienti è da migliorare un po’, però alla fine mi sono trovato bene lo stesso.

  28. I trade mostly with this broker. Used fxpro cTrader platform and I have got an adviser for my account. This adviser has been working for 2 months, It works good, I made only 2 corrections. Now I have profit 18-30% per month, I’m very satisfied.

  29. bis jetzt habe ich keine schlechte Erfahrungen mit fxpro gehabt. Kundenservice ist manchmal schwer kommunizierbar, aber das hängt in erstr linie vom Berater ab. Spreads sind niedrig, alle Aufträge werden schnel bearbeitet. FxPro bietet eine gute Qualität der Leistungen für entsprechende Preis.

  30. FxPro offre ai propri utenti un servizio molto elevato. Il rapporto qualità/prezzo è ottimo direi. Mi piace il servizio clienti, gli operatori sono sempre gentili e pronti ad aiutare. Spread è davvero basso, esecuzione degli ordini è molto veloce e fino ad ora non ho avuto nessun problema con prelievo del denaro.

  31. I highly appreciate the work with FxPro. It is reliable broker and has a platform that is convenient to work with. I haven’t faced with any problems except one time, but it was my own fault.

  32. FxPro is reliable broker and I am fully satisfied with them. They provide good opportunities for the trading. No issues at all. So highly recommended to others.

  33. Als Vorteile waren für mich foldende Punkte des Tradings mit FxPro wichtig: guter Support
    schnelle Orderausführung, Auszahlungen kostenlos, die Handelsignale auch gratis.
    Als Nachteil kann ich nur die nicht ganz so niedrige Spreads betrachten.

  34. A mio parere FxPro sembra di essere abbasranza affidabile visto anche che è un broker inglese. Tra i vantaggi più grandi per me sono l’assenza di commissioni per prelievo del guadagnato, variabilità di piattaforme e trading tools fornite, deposito minimo non tanto elevato. L’unica cosa che non mi piace tanto sono i spreads che a volte non sono cosi bassi come promesso dal broker stesso. Perciò il mio voto sarebbe su 4/5

  35. I vantaggi più grandi di FxPro sono: licenze regolare, facilità d’utilizzo della piattaforma (anche versione mobile), un servizio clienti adeguato che è sempre disponibile ed anche in italiano, webinar molto interessanti, differenti metodi di prelievo e deposito del denaro (come bonifico bancario, carte di credito e portafogli virtualiali), il tempo medio per ricevere i prelievi 3 giorni lavorativi, spread bassi. Ottimo broker direi.

  36. Their webinars really helps me! Great materials for the beginners. Also enjoy fxpro demo account. It is free and easy to install. Great brokerage for the newbies.

  37. Too many lies about this broker in the network. I recomend fxpro-reviews.com
    This resource is the most relevant and honest.

  38. es gibt ja ziemlich viele Informationen über FxPro im Web. Das heisst aber, dass viele sich auch für diesen Broker interessieren und denen Produkte benutzen.
    Ich selbst habe mit Demo von FxPro angefangen und es hat gut geklappt.
    Jetzt plane ich richtiges Handel mit cTrader zu proboeren.

  39. I signed up with them because of their reliability. It’s good to know that your brokerage is regulated and have a lot of rewards in the industry.

  40. Lo consiglierei anche ai principianti, visto che FxPro mette a disposizione anche un Demo spettacolare. Assolutamente consigliabile.

  41. Sono un utente di diverse piattaforme di trading online e possiedo una discreta familiarità con l’argomento in questione. La mia esperienza personale con FXPro, seppur breve, mi consente di posizionare questa società in una posizione di media classifica. A vantaggio del broker si può dire che si tratta di una piattaforma certificata (dalla CySEC e dalla FSA), che permette di interagire con i mercati grazie ad una buona varietà di asset, che comprende le valute internazionali, le azioni, gli indici e le commodities

  42. Ich bin mit Trading auf Fxpro total zufrieden. Die Auftraege als auch die Geldabrufe sind rapid. Kursstellung kann verschieden sein, aber meistens ist auch in Ordnung.Am Anfang an habe manchmal kleine Serverprobleme gehabt. Jetzt scheint aber alles in Ordnung zu sein.

  43. Je note cette entreprise sur une échelle de 8 à 10 points. C’est fiable et très facile de déposer et de retirer de l’argent. Ils fournissent un support client très professionnel dans de nombreuses langues. Je n’ai pas beaucoup de problèmes à la plate-forme. Ce n’est pas parfait, mais l’un des meilleurs. En outre, ils offrent une très bonne répartition. Tous ces facteurs sont devenus essentiels pour moi lorsque j’ai choisi un courtier.

  44. Courtier très orienté au client. J’ai apprécié le fait qu’ils fournissent un support technique de qualité et une large sélection de comptes et de plates-formes. Un autre point très important est le niveau élevé de protection des fonds personnels, il existe une licence européenne sérieuse, ainsi qu’une assurance des dépôts. L’exécution n’est pas idéale, mais proche de cela. Le retrait du profit est assez rapide (j’utilise une carte ou un webmoney).

  45. FxPro is by far the best broker I have traded CFD with. Their cTrader platform is fast and user-friendly. The broker also offers good customer support for their clients. And I don’t have any complaints with my payouts here. Highly recommend this brokerage company.