Scalper MA indicator – Description and Adjustment




In this article, we’ll go through the scalping tactics when using an important component, which is the Scalper MA indicator. Besides we will review the description and settings of the above tool in this chapter.

It should be noted that this tool refers to the strategies for newcomers. This is because this tool is extremely easy to use and master, which can be made even by a novice Forex market trader.

Being able to orient in the MetaTrader 4 platform is the main thing that should be known to use this strategy. It’s possible to start on a demo account to avoid losing funds immediately. Let’s sort out the scalping concept before starting the adviser description.

Scalping principles

Scalping is a strategy that is based on a simple trading principle. Positions open on five-minute charts.

scaper ma

The profit is obtained by covering the spread. In other words, the profit will be positive when arranges a trader. It is important in this case to quickly close the order, where we’ll be helped by the above-mentioned adviser. More precisely his signals.

Scalper MA Indicator, description with download settings

A distinctive scalping’s feature is the huge trades number. A user has an opportunity to make from thirty to a thousand trades per day while using this trading method. And the number of the overwhelming operation should take place on the one-minute and five-minute charts.

It is important to understand that each trader should have greater leverage for profitable trading. Typically, traders choose shoulder sizes in 1:200 – 1:500.

What is the reason this trading method is not in-demand among specialists?

This trading method is not in-demand among the experts since they can already develop their trading techniques. Therefore, other methods are considered to be a senseless risk for them.

Many of them even say that this strategy does not have the exact signals to enter and exit the market. But in fact, this statement loses its meaning while using the Scalper MA indicator. But, to evaluate all the strategy’s advantages, let’s talk about the advantages of working on the scalping system when applying this adviser.

Indicator – Scalper MA advisor use

The scalping system is a relatively new strategy in contradistinction to other analogs. This system is based on the Expert Advisor Scalper MA + Сhannel application. It is better to combine several indicators while using any other scalping strategy.

Now let’s talk about opening trades. As you have already understood, our strategy’s basis is in the Scalper-MA indicator application. This tool can indicate a favorable time for the trade when the arrow on the chart is raised. Also, when the arrow looks down, the indicator is shown to us to open positions.

scalper ma signals

Remember, the order should be opened when the price changes only. At least two points in any direction. It should be opened in the direction which is shown by the signal. Then, to make a successful trade, it’s necessary to expect seven red bars emergence below.

Thus, when our indicator gives a signal for a purchase, it is necessary to wait for a moment when the value is worsened by at least a couple of points after which seven bars will pass.

scalper MA taktics

Then it’s possible to safely open a purchase order. But this is only if all the indicator’s signals are taken into account on the corresponding timeframe. We have already spoken about this earlier.

ma scalper advisor

The order should be opened only if the direction coincides with both the first adviser and the second indicator. It’s possible to switch to another timeframe which name is M30 when a signal which is called Scalper_MA occurs.

Installation and settings

Despite a rather strange name, this algorithm perfectly copes with the trading tasks, which goal in learning the trend and the average time intervals. Scalper MA indicator can quickly and qualitatively determine the new channels’ width.

At the same time, it quickly and reliably signals the opening of prospective deals, having previously indicated their direction. This modern Scalper is moving average-based. Experienced traders can understand this from the tool’s name.

Installation is performed in the standard mode, as a rule. First it’s necessary to download the required indicator’s version, then unpack the utility and copy everything to the same folder of the corresponding platform. The most interesting will start after launching the platform and setting your favorite indicator to the specified timeframe. A line, consisting of different bars, will appear on your display. More precisely, of different colors of columns.

It is important to remember the following. The red trend is characterized by the descending position of value and blue, on the contrary, ascending.

Although this tool is intended for scalping, it can’t always determine the correction. As a rule, it’s able to indicate only the correct direction of the trend. If expanding the price channel, then the bars’ length will also increase. They form everything. In addition to lines, arrows, giving the signals in the preferred direction, start to appear.

eWe can conclude that the Scalper MA algorithm is quite simple to manage. Therefore, the indicator is more suitable for newcomers since even a newcomer can understand the number of settings nested in this tool. Of course, this tool is not suitable for piping but is the best for scalping except for an independently completed strategy which is effective and easy to manage.


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