Best Free Forex Charting Software – TradingView

Tradingview is, hands down, one of the top trading services among traders. This easy-to-use tool offers massive trading opportunities that can boost your trading results. From this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Tradingview and how to leverage its advantages.

You’ll be surprised to know that Tradingview is downloadable absolutely for free under this link: For additional features, you need to pay extra. Think twice before upgrading our Tradingview, though. The free Tradingview version is more than enough for successful trading. Be sure to watch our TradingView video guide to find out more:


Tradingview has a simple, intuitive English-language interface. While the interface targets English-speaking traders, the user support team speaks multiple languages so be sure to contact them for any questions.

The platform was designed as an international trading community. You can contact other traders via the general chat or a chat dedicated to a specific underlying asset. You can share your trading ideas with the community and borrow some useful techniques from more experienced traders.

tradingview platform

You can publish your trading analysis and post the screenshots of your charts. Other traders give feedback by sharing their comments, tips, and suggestions. If you find the ideas of a particular trader useful, you can follow them (like you do on Twitter) and receive updates on their trading performance. I think that this is a great feature that helps traders grow.

trading view social trading

Another amazing option is the ability to sort trading ideas by different parameters, including asset, timeframe or popularity (today, week, month).

The best thing about Tradingview is online charts. The service source quotes directly from the exchange so that you can easily track the price of any asset. The selection of trading instruments is truly stunning. You won’t have any problem finding the asset you need!

free charting platform

The trading toolbox includes more than 50 tools plotted as lines, waves, levels, etc.  You can save your customized charts to get back to them later.

instruments on tradingview

How could we forget about indicators? The Tradingview users can choose from more than 100 different indicators, both standard, and custom. All indicators are written on Pine. New indicators are added daily. Feel free to customize any indicator by changing their settings or improving their code. This way, you’ll get an indicator that fits your trading needs. If you design indicators yourself, you can share your inventions with the community.


You can choose any type of chart, whether it’s bars, Japanese candles, etc. If you’re using a free account, some “exotic” types of charts are only available starting from the D1 timeframe.

renko charts on tradingview

You can retrofit the chart as you like. Feel free to change the background color, add a grid, lay one chart over the other, and many more. Other useful features include an economic calendar, notebook, sound alerts, etc. A big variety of features and settings allows Tradingview to provide the ultimate trading experience.

To access enhanced possibilities, you can choose one of the paid plans: Pro, Pro Plus or Premium. With a paid account, you can simultaneously monitor up to 8 charts, use special tools and charts, access premium user support, and benefit from many other advantages.

Written on HTML5, Tradingview is compatible with any device or operating system. Honestly speaking, you can’t praise this amazing service enough. Tradingview is an advanced, multi-functional trading service that can make your trading experience more fulfilling and enjoyable. A great helper for both rookies and professionals!



  1. Good day to you coach, I was just wondering if you can offer me a one on one training, ofcourse I will pay for it.

  2. I’m band new to trading. Like really brand new. Is there a ground floor entry level trading program available? Thanks